All things Computer Science at Coppin State reside in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, where Dr. Nicholas Eugene is the Department Chair.  There are four Computer Science Professors:

  1. Professor Betow;
  2. Dr. Hatley;
  3. Dr. Providence; and
  4. Dr. Sehdev.

As a student, you can major or minor in Computer Science.  Currently, there are over 50+ students majoring or minoring in Computer Science.  This means class sizes are manageable and each student has more time with his/her professor.

Cultivating a Culture of Coding & Making!

This website is designed to help “Cultivate a Culture of Coding” in the department.  With it and other opportunities, students have several activities at their fingertips to help them perfect their software development skills:

  • ACM-W – (Association for Computing Machinery – Women) Undergraduate Chapter at CSU
  • CSU {Hacks!}
  • Coding Challenges
  • #evening-code – Tuesdays 6-8pm]   See our events calendar for more information.
  • Research
    • LAIA – Lab for Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (Dr. Hatley’s Undergraduate Student Research Lab)
    • Dr. Providence’s Research Lab
  • CS Slack Community – Join Now! 
  • Swarming Eagles – NASA Swarmathon Competition Team *Check us out on Instagram!

You can also give recognition to your fellow students by nominating them for Student of the Week.

Check back regularly to hear more about the department and various opportunities to get engaged.  In the meantime, please read more on the official CSU website for the Mathematics and Computer Science Department.

Thanks for your time and attention!

Coppin CS students during a CSU {Hacks!} Meeting