Students in COSC-220 this semester are eager to master course concepts. They also want to earn an A on the mid-term (and the final) exam. So, we created this 30-Day Group Coding Challenge. We are now on Day 4.

You should join us! Subscribe to the event via the Google Calendar link above.

Here are the rules:

Group meets every day (including weekends) for 30 days from 8am-8:30am. *We currently meet via Zoom.

Begin by sharing your goals for the day.

Start coding!

You can continue coding after 8:30, if you wish. *That is kinda the point. Lol

For beginners, your time can include reading – since you are just being introduced.

Program names should include the day you began to code it. So, for instance, all programs/code files names initiated today should include ‘day3’ in the name – to the extent possible.

Ask a question as soon as it arises.

Respect and encourage each other.

If you miss a day, your count starts again at 1.

Each day, share all finished code via email to

Be ready to do it again the next day.


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