What is a self-starter anyway?

…a self-starter is person who is sufficiently motivated or ambitious to start a new career or business or to pursue further education without the help of others.  This could also mean a student (person) who studies extra material, attempts unassigned programming challenges, collaborates with other students to build an app =>>> ALL without being told to do so.

If someone tells you to do something, they started you.  If you tell yourself to do something (without being told by someone else), you start yourself.

Becoming a self-starter is almost the same as any other skill – you just have to form the habit of doing so.   This means you have to “Practice, practice, practice!”

Why be a self-starter?

Most challenges in life, in a family, and/or on a job require performing some task in order to get to a (re)solution.  If you wait for others to start you off (like your parents, your coaches, or your professors), you won’t do much and you won’t reach your (re)solution optimally.  However, if you determine what needs to be done and do it without waiting for others to tell you what to do, nothing stops you.  You are in control.

Who wants a self-starter?

Most employers want candidates who are self-starters.  In fact, here is the results of a search on indeed.com for ‘self-starter.’  Over 115,000 jobs list ‘self-starter’ as a qualification of an ideal candidate.

How can you become a self-starter?

Well, definitely don’t wait to try to form this habit while you are looking for a job, that’s for sure.  Begin to practice this habit now.  Think of ways you can do more in any class and/or on any project.  Think of a task you can do AND DO IT.  Don’t wait for anyone to tell you!  You can:

….I’m sure you can think of many, many more.  How close are you to being a habitual self-starter?  Do you have any ideas to help other students become self-starters?  If so, feel free to share them in the comments below.


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