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Created by Emmanuel McManus


"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.", Malcom X. We must learn in order to adapt, to survive, to live, and without education who would we be today or where would be today? In the stone age; Luckily aliens came and gave us technology, just kidding. Economists have long believed that investments in education, or human capital, are an important source of economic growth No matter what though in order to improve from yesterday you must be able to take the knowledge you'ved acquired and apply it to everyday problems just like in computer science.


I've always wanted to be a computer scientist. The first 60 years of modern computers focused on computing itself, with the last 20 years or so centered on computers as tools for communication. As the business keeps on developing and advance, so will rivalry for the most fulfilling and most astounding paying employments. It is along these lines basic that anybody considering a profession in software engineering remains fully informed regarding present and future industry patterns. Nevertheless, no matter what specific area of interest a computer scientist prefers, the job market going forward looks promising when compared to employment statistics across the entire job spectrum.

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